Monday, November 24, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Is it too early to put out the Christmas decorations and lights? I hope not, because we did. Stacy put up all the lights outside (with a little help from Jarrod) and we put out all the decorations inside except the tree this weekend. It really is a great time of the year with the excitement of the Holidays, it seems to make people in a better mood. There's nothing like walking around the neighborhood in your shorts and T-shirts to look at the lights. Enjoy our little family elf dance!!

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In other fantastic news, I LOVE TWILIGHT!! My loving and manly husband took me to see the movie this weekend, and I was not at all disappointed. It is really hard to see movies when you have read the books they are based on because they usually change things, leave things out, and it is never quite as good as you can imagine it yourself, but this was really good. Despite the fact that there were way too many teenage girls that couldn't sit still or quit giggling, we really enjoyed it. Stacy even said he wanted to see it again, which I think I could handle. Thanks Babe! Maybe I can convince you to read the book someday too.

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Erica said...

When you sent me that email..with the elfs I seriously almost peed my pants...I lauged and lauged...My favorite is Marlee's elf...oh man..that is great...I need to do one of those..

I am glad you liked Twilight...lots of people did..
I still need to read the book..

Yes lets do lights this weekend...Thanks for the compliment on my blog...Yes it is a picture that Erin took...We have a lot..I will show you the CD when we see eachother...

Big Hugs....Talk to you soon..